An experience to share

Potluck is born, and we have already fallen in love with it.

Food events are going viral all over the world, that’s true. Maybe because of the soon-coming EXPO happening, maybe on account of the stronger and stronger fame which star chefs are enjoying now, featuring on TV non-stop – but speaking about food and joining food events is a really cool trend activity. But, do you know what? We are really sick and tired of it!

That’s why we have dug out a definitely not-to-be-missed event: you’ll eat but also find out how joyful it is to meet people and share one’s own passions while living a top-notched experience.

Its name is Potluck and for the Native Americans it is tantamount to getting rid of all material goods, while for the British it is a party concept according to which each guest is taking a dish which will be part of a shared menu. The collective organising team has picked up the best part of the two concepts merging it into an event which is partly a dinner, a course, a recreation moment and a convivial experience. 

You’ll be cooking, you’ll be preparing you own convivial experience, you’ll learn how to take pictures with your cell phone and you’ll be arranging the floral decoration: each one of those present will put his/her own experience at the group’s disposal to forge an event which is an epitome of collective imagination. 

For sure it represents a unique and totally new way to live an evening with people (and you’ll be treated to delicious food too!) with no bothers and cares and limits, in ever new locations which are really appealing.

Would you like to be informed about the next dates or are you simply curious to find out what it is really all about?
Here you are:  www.mypotluck.it