Urban Safari Tour

Architect, please!

Are you crazy for a guy who is much the “design & architectural addicted” type?

It’s high time you took the right measures! If your love affair has just begun and you have yet to win his heart, grasp this perfect opportunity and have an ad-hoc tour of the city by yourself, learn all that you need and then tell him about your achievements in pure excitement: he’ll fall at your feet immediately.

Whoever is not fond of a woman brimming over with culture? If you are intimate friends already, but the official engagement is yet to come, this is the right occasion to present him with an unforgettable morning on the watch-out for the coolest design side of the city.

And do you know what’s the best in the whole story? The Urban Safari staff will take care of each single detail for you: they make up a team escorting you on a real journey to find out all about the history and the work-pieces by the masters who were and have been able to lend our lifestyle a real twist.

It is a unique way to experience through an atelier-tour the architecture and the design, the ambiences of a Milan which is bound to remain for ever a milestone in the history of the international design.
With him – or without him: that’s gonna be a tour you’ll never forget!

Saturday, 24 Novembre
Arch&Design Tour
Partenza da P.za Castello, 27 h 9,45
Itinerary: Studio Castiglioni, Torre Branca, Triennale Design Museum.
20 Euro
Confirm by tomorrow at: mail@urbansafaritour.it