Between Parentesi and Arco

It is most likely that you have got one of his creations at home.
You can hardly imagine that, when you see them, you won't shout in astonishment: “Of course I know him!”.
Achille Castiglioni is one of the most prominent figures who have made Milan the capital of design, while his works are spread all over the world, exhibited in the greatest museums, MOMA at the top, and decorating the homes of many of us.

But, where did he make his creations? Which objects die he love to be surrounded by?

If your sole aim is that of wowing your father-in-law who is an architect, your friend who is a designer in search of good luck or your nearly-boyfriend who is an interior designer, you can't but take them to Piazza Castello 27.
Irma and Giovanna, Castiglioni's wife and daughter respectively, will be leading you, together with few more lucky people, to unveil the daily life of the architect: the room where prototypes and models are kept, the room with the drafting boards and many other curiosities, the room with the collection of the anonymous items he had been collecting in the course of his life and eventually the meeting room where design objects are kept covering a wide time span.  

Once you leave the place, be sure of that: your partner will love you much more! (and your only wish will be that of rushing to a lamp shop …).        

Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni
Guided tours must be reserved, Tue to Sat at 10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00.
For your booking please contact: 02.8053606 -
Piazza Castello 27


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