Brunello, a tavern besides wine

The stroll is along Corso Garibaldi In Milan. That is the place where you meet people and have your happy hour, that hideous practice which has become a habit and has gradually evolved into a wild nosh-up with diluted cocktails and withered, high-calory and hardly agreeable food - both aesthetically and as far as its taste is concerned.

That is the place where venues are overcrowded and movida goes viral, so you don’t certainly expect to find out there a young though already determined restaurant she-manager and a nice, consistent place, where the menu features Tuscan food with some Milanese twist, carefully selected produce which are highlighted on the menu.

Some of them are also available to those customers going to taste them at their places too.

Just a few places at table, a recent refurbishment clearly showing the mark of a cleverly revamped tradition, in the wake of the new contemporary Italian cooking performed by a skilled stuff.

A nice place to go to when you chance to be in the neighbourhood and feel like having a solid evening, where food quality is granted. A safe haven in the event you’d rather enjoy good food than glamour!

Osteria Brunello
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 117  
Tel 02 659 2973

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