The Small


The Small is really very small: a well-chosen name, there's no denying it!

Welcome is large though, and the decoration of the location is even extra large.

Not a single corner is empty in the overall most tidy and greatly enjoyable muddle made of teapots, ceramic animals, books, mirrors, cake stands, plants - to mention just a few.

Tables (actually the few only fitting into the place) are possibly smaller than the venue itself, but they all come decorated with refined pieces from vintage Grannies: you seem to be plunged into a joyful version of Alice in Wonderland, in the Timburtian style.

Just to round off the accurate setting, you will be also brought some food, and this too will be fancifully served in weird, fully coloured containers, dug out from no one knows where and matched with one another in a perfect chic fortuitousness.

Don't get scared by the tomato-and-chocolate cake: it's the perfect end of an evening you're going to remember, in particular if you are picked up as the favourite guest by the owner (all guests are his favourite ones, don't feel cut off!).

Reservation is compulsory, and you'd better further confirm a couple of hours before coming if yours is an important evening: the risk of no seats available is very high!

Foto di The Small, Milano
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The Small
Via Paganini Niccolo 3 | Angolo Piazza Argentina
Tel 02 20240943

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