Little ancient world

You want to get rid of your granny's cupboard? You can take it to S.Oggetti!
But pay attention, because, once you get to this popular courtyard house which is so typical old-Milan, you'll run the risk of crazily falling in love with another cupboard, which used to belong to another granny who is not yours, but someone else's who has decided to revamp the look of their house, just as you have!

Everything is vintage style here: interior items, lamps, carpets and accessories, chairs and writing desks and soft furnishings.
They sell yours (on a sale basis formula) and you buy theirs, which can either come from others like you or even be feature items crafted by some acquaintances of the shop owners'.

You want to arrange a special evening to make an impression on your  guests, or you are going to shoot a film on your life?
They also provide a renting service, so you'll be able to reconstruct your childhood home using period interior items for photo services, an advert shooting and for the movie you will be directing.
A market with a by-gone twist where you can source for the nice things which will soon summon up family memories.     

Via Bertani 16
Phone 02 89696083

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