You’ll be spoilt for choice

It’s terribly cool now, no doubt on it.
If you don’t eat in the USA-style, you’re an outsider.

And all in all we have been lucky if you consider that chips and burgers are yummy and nourishing and they taste like half transgression and half school party. 

The issue is now: Which burger-eatery shall we go to, picking up among the wealth of eateries popping up in every city corner?

We went crazy for the gourmet hamburger stuffed with foie gras we had in the bistrot of the restaurant Al Mercato: a most nourishing single course you’ll love at first bite.

A further one which is worth tasting is 202 The Grill: quite a posh ambience, featuring red-brick walls so you soon feel in the NYC style, the entire choice of the time-tested classics from the Big Apple on the menu, including the philologically wrong though super delicious meatballs spaghetti.

Still hesitating? Then try at Trita, the name itself most promising, offering meatballs of any kind and size. You can even select the kind of meat you like among the offer of limousine, angus, buffalo and the most-gourmet kobe beef, all knife-minced on the spot in a neat and tidy environment.

Don’t forget the Tizzy’s…

Still sitting at your desk? As for me, I’m getting kind of peckish…. 

Al Mercato
Via Sant’Eufemia 16
Tel. 02 87237167

202 The Grill
Via Cesare da Sesto, 1  Milano
Tel. 02 87236415

Piazza XXIV Maggio 6

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 46
Tel. 02 58118227