Pisacco, Dry, Turbigo


You just go there 'cause it's cool (almost as cool as scallion in your food). You've gotta go there as “What! you haven't gone there yet?”.
You'll definitely go there anyway because the bill is so affordable that not even a pizzeria can be more competitive - considering that you're in Milan.
Just go there because you're going to eat well, which is not a minor detail also because the venue is placed in a VIP zone, it is the brainchild of an architect, it is run by a star chef, the bill won't exceed the 40 euros, and the staff there is kind and smiling.

Once you get your table (booking is quite tough), once you sit down in the red and beige room (upper level) or at one of the either white or acid green tables (lower level), enjoy your stay in a place where simplicity prevails with a tendency to perfection.

You might like to eat the best grilled vegetables, the most delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce, dream burgers and tasty desserts, quite unusual.

And all this will happen in an environment decorated with contemporary art, crowded with pleasant and happy people and featuring the allure which is typical of the hit restaurant. Well deserved!

If you are already bored of Pisacco there is Dry and the new Turbigo on the Navigli.


Pisacco restaurant & bar
Via Solferino 48
Aperto dalle 12.00 alle 15.30 / dalle 19.00 alle 01.00
(la cucina è aperta fino alle 23.00 )
Domenica dalle 10.00 alle 18.00
Lunedì chiuso
Tel 02 91765472

DRY Cocktails & Pizza
Via Solferino 33
Tel 02 63793414
Aperto tutta la settimana
Cocktail bar: 19.00 / 1.00
Pizzeria: 19.00 / 0.00

presso Hotel Borella
Alzaia Naviglio Grande 8
Tel 02
dal martedì alla domenica

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