Tasty vegetables!

As soon as Emanuela picks up a new venue, she can't keep from dragging all her family to try it … the official pretext being MilanoSecrets, the real reason being that she is most eager to find out unusual places most people don't know.
This is the reason why she is our favourite venue-scout!
She sometimes gets through, sometimes though she gets her husband and children to go to terrible places doomed to sink into oblivion only because they are brand new locations in town.
We are lucky enough to spare ourselves her failures and to enjoy only her wins.

The latest? The new Radicetonda, the stunning veg restaurant where even vegetables and similar food can disclose their tasty side.
Soups and desserts are their best offer and all the food on tap can be also taken away, definitely a plus for those who often lack free time, just as we do, but who also like wholesome food to eat, produce which are faithful to natural cycles and suitable for a dinner at home or an informal meal with guests. 
The location is a gem in itself: bio, green and recycle are the absolute must, in an environment featuring natural hues, with a background ambience music which will soon plunge you into a more relaxed mood. 

The best place where to ponder on mankind, on life and on the future … nibbling at delis in a perfect contemporary style.

Via Spallanzani 16
Opening: from 11 to 22
Sunday closed

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